Jacob Prohaska is passionate about the game Dungeons & Dragons and dreams of one day digitizing his favorite game. Swift Playgrounds was chosen by him as the place to start his dream. “When I was in my third year of school, I discovered the Swift Playgrounds app. I was happy to tinker and experiment with its various features,” Jacob said as he opened a programming app on his iPad and explained how to use it. basic features.
Players must be very patient and focused in order to overcome the problems posed by Playgrounds. This is not easy for children of Jacob’s age. He says he spends hours a day programming on apps. Even, Swift Playgrounds is also a place where a child programmer calms himself after a few moments of gathering to think of the project’s content to take the Swift Student Challenge contest.

“I love the feeling of satisfaction seeing a project work after a long time of programming. Sometimes I think my code is perfect, but there are errors. I am frustrated. But thanks to that, I realized that there are many strategies to overcome difficult problems, not only in programming but also in real life, ”said Jacob.
To compete in the Swift Student Challenge, he created a game similar to “Blackjack“. There, the player who collects cards with a total score of 20 wins.

Playgrounds is a good environment for kids to get used to the programming world, but it also has its drawbacks. Projects created in this environment cannot function as a standalone application. To bring apps out of the Playgrounds environment, users are forced to use Xcode, a dedicated programming toolkit used on iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and other Apple devices. Xcode has much more complex features than Playgrounds. If you want to go beyond the boundaries of the Apple ecosystem, programmers have to know more languages like Python or JavaScript.

Jacob said: “After using Playgrounds and planning to switch SAang Xcode, I was puzzled because I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know where to get the help I needed.” After a while of searching, the male student took an online programming class that he saw on the Internet. According to Jacob, Playgrounds can be a good place to start for kids looking to try their hand at programming. Because when entering big projects, things will become much more stressful and confusing.