Summary of the game of blackjack

The blackjack card game is one of the folk games originating from Europe like any other card game such as: playing cards south, going north, playing poker, playing poker or playing cards… While participating in blackjack gambling at the bookie, players can choose casino rooms named Blackjack.

In particular, the game that is most popular is Blackjack because the rules of the game are quite simple, it can be said that the rules of poker game are the simplest of all the current card games. Also because we can play this card game with the largest number of players, as long as each player has 5 draws, including the dealer. So if anyone wants to play, they can join. About the amount of money each person wants to bet as much as possible, there is no limit.

The rules and rules to remember when playing blackjack

During a game, the dealer will start handing, during dealing the person who gets the first card is optional. The dealer will select the player. After handing out, the person who starts to draw will deal the hand, the draw order according to the dealer.

The rule of blackjack games is to compare the player’s total score with the dealer to determine whether he wins or loses. The total points of each player’s cards will accumulatefrom 16 to 21 points. If the player finds his score lower than 16, he can take more cards until he likes. The purpose of drawing is to get 21 points. If it is over 21, it is called Quack (Compensation) and loses the entire amount. Unless the dealer also gets shouted when showing your hand, they will consider a tie and you will return stakes. Each player needs to complete his or her number of draws before the next player can draw, however the maximum number of cards per player can draw only 5 cards.

After all players have completed a draw, the dealer can either pull the cards. The dealer can have the right not to draw but directly turn any player’s hand. If the player has a higher score, they win, and the dealer will pay the player.