Monaco is known for its lavish and glamorous nightlife. From the casinos and nightclubs to great opera houses.
It will not be strange that this small country has become a huge magnet that attracts a lot of celebrities, wealthy people, and thrill seekers over the years. From epic gambling institutions that used to be the setting for many Hollywood blockbusters to sophisticated clubs and quality restaurants, Monaco is the epitome of European luxury life.
In addition to the high life, you’ll also find some high-end culture here. There is opera, and even in the summer there is an entire theater that often holds performances in the evenings full of or and passionately. Check out our recommendations below for the best nightlife experience in Monaco.

The Casino of Monte Carlo

The luxurious Monte Carlo Casino is an iconic casino and entertainment complex and is one of Monaco’s most popular landmarks. Tiled in beautiful marble and copper is no surprise that this building has been the backdrop to many Hollywood movies such as Ocean’s 12 and several James Bond films. The casino offers players a wide range of games for them to enter: roulette, blackjack, poker stud, craps and slot machines.

You will need to pay a fee and present your identification to enter here. Although there is no specific dress code, if you are a man, you should wear a jacket. If you want to know the history of the place, there are audio tours for you. Keep an eye out for one or two famous people!

La Note Bleue
La Note Bleue is a bar that will provide you with a more relaxed alternative to the bustle of Monaco’s nightclubs. It basically includes a living room and a jazz restaurant. The bar regularly hosts live concerts and performances throughout the week. The cool atmosphere attracts both residents and tourists to enjoy a cocktail and immerse in the delicate but extremely comfortable space.

There are also food items with tapas that are worth enjoying while you are sipping a cocktail. There is also an outdoor courtyard, you can enjoy a view of the Mediterranean. You will find an adjacent private beach in the foreground, a great place to quench your thirst.

The legendary club Jimmy’z Monte Carlo has been an organization of Monaco for over 40 years. If electronic dance music is your thing then this place might be worth taking on the journey. Some of the world’s most famous DJs have played here: Mark Ronson, Robin Schulz and FatBoy Slim. In addition to the large dance floor, it also has an outdoor bar and seating area. So that you can breathe and enjoy the crowded space.

The newly renovated self-billing venue is the “VIP’s Favorite Club” and the drink prices will reflect this. You can spot some business faces in popular shows when you come here especially at the parties held during the F1 season. There is a selection of participants here. So prepare yourself mentally to be able to see if you will be the ones who have to leave or who will be in.