Currently, with the strong development of technology, gambling games have become popular. Not only highly entertaining, but gambling games also bring great benefits to players if they are lucky and have many strategies. So when playing black jack, what black jack tips should players pay attention to in order to easily win? Let’s find out.

What is playing black jack?

Among gambling games, blackjack is the most popular and attractive game for players today. Blackjack is also known as Poker or Blackjack because its gameplay is similar to Vietnam’s way of playing poker when using a 52-card deck. How to play blackjack is also very simple. When playing this game, the player does not compete with other players but directly competes with the dealer by trying to get the highest score of 21 points.

Blackjack gameplay and scoring

Blackjack rules are also very simple. When playing blackjack the player and dealer are dealt two cards each. The value of the cards is determined as follows: the cards 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. They will is calculated with the number of points corresponding to the numbers of the card. As for cards J, Q, K, they count as 10 points. Particularly for card A
If the cards with A’s total are greater than 11 then A will be worth 1 point.
If the cards with A are equal to or less than 11, A will count as 11 points.
If it is two A pieces, it counts as 2 points.

While playing Black jack the player can also choose to draw more cards, or stop drawing cards. If the player chooses to draw, he will be able to draw 1 more card. If he chooses to stop, the cards will remain in hand. If an A card awarded 11 points, it is a soft hand. When A card awarded 1 point, it will be called a hard hand.

Black jack tips

After understanding the rules of blackjack, let’s learn how to play blackjack always wins. Because the appeal of blackjack games lies in the high tactics and the test of the player’s strong psychology. Unlike other online games that depend a lot on chance, experience and skill in playing blackjack will greatly affect the player’s victory.

So when playing blackjack, players need to know the necessary blackjack tips to be able to win a little more:

Tip 1: Don’t split two 10s when you have a total of 20 for the first two cards. Because with a 21-point goal, the dealer is less likely to beat you.

Tip 2: When you meet two 8 cards, you must split. When playing blackjack, the number 8 card always rated as the worst card by the player. When a player meets two 8 cards, the player gets 16 points. If split, players will have a chance to win a winning card. They will save money for themselves.

Since players are more likely to have one winning and one losing card, these cards will make up for each other. You will end the game without losing money. If the player follows the rules. and bet equal money on both cards.

Tip 3: If you own two 5s while playing blackjack, the player has a total of 10. At this point the best way is to ask for only 1 extra card and bet to double

Tip 4: Be sure to stop at the right time. Stop at any hand when the player has cards with a total score of 17 or higher. If the player has a total of 12 to 16 cards and the dealer has 2 to 6, he should also stop. But if the dealer has 7 or higher, he should draw.

Tip 5: If the player has soft 18 and the dealer has an 8.9 or 10 card, draw soft hand. In order to limit the amount of profit that the house can enjoy the player should double in this case. One more tip of black jack is to always draw cards to have soft hands of 17 or less.

Tip 6: Should play blackjack online because playing blackjack online will give players more benefits than playing live. When playing online, all the player will concentrate on the games without having to spend a part to pay for other expenses.

Furthermore, if the player wins in the black jack game, the player will not lose the commission to the dealer but can also receive rewards because the dealer usually has rewards matching the player’s stakes. .

The number of rewards can be doubled or tripled via free chips.

What is more interesting than sitting at home and still being able to play blackjack in the most authentic and lively way.

Tip 7: The important trick to play blackjack is that players must always pay attention to bet according to their money. To be able to win the most, players should calculate to be able to bet at least 40 rounds with their own money before starting the game.

With a tough strategy and blackjack tips drawn out by blackjack players, players can confidently achieve a good result by participating in this fascinating online game.