As long as you land at Las Vegas airport and have not yet arrived to collect your luggage, you have seen all sorts of camcorders asking you to try – winning big prizes. “Big” type from several dozen to several million dollars.

However, the largest gambling center in the US, Las Vegas possesses an innovative design. Casinos have historically been built to attract gambling visitors without providing services and facilities. The Las Vegas building is more about organizing events than focusing on casinos, although many people still think of Vegas as gambling.
The Las Vegas Group was listed on the US stock market in December 2014, but after just two years, the assets of the Las Vegas boss, Sheldon Adelson, increased to $ 17.5 billion. The amount of assets is estimated to increase to $ 41 billion in April this year, according to Forbes magazine. Mr. Adelson once said, “It took me 11 years to make my first $ 1 billion, and now, in less than two months, I can pocket 1 billion dollars.”

People often hear “It only happens in Vegas. And whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! ” – “It only happened in Vegas. And what happens in Vegas, will stay in Vegas. ” The Quora website, which brings together “the most curious people in the world,” offers recommendations for anyone who wants to gamble in Vegas.
Whoever drinks alcohol, he or she holds the upper hand The majority of Vegas gamblers often consider it normal to make several alcoholic drinks during a game, especially when the drinks are free.
However, a senior and mature gambler in Nevada (the first place in the US to legalize betting), Jon Mixon, said, “Unless your drinking is superstar, drink it when gamble. But be careful when you are just “ordinary people”, because alcohol easily makes players disperse attention and misjudgment at play. So, if you want to win a game, don’t drink alcohol. ”

Avoid the case that the player “loses” by choosing the right casino game to play Other than social gambling like Mahjong or Poker (Poker), gambling in casino is a business These include dice, slot games (Jackpot), card games (Blackjack, Roulette, Live Poker) and prizes (horse racing, lottery).
In card games, players should pay attention to the house edge of the house – meaning the house earns money in each game. In particular, the profit is more or less depending on the player’s card game. Hotel manager Jenn Tseng said that the current Roulette game has the worst odds. The house edge on Roulette is 5%, in basic games 1.4% and in Blackjack 0.28%. However, smaller casinos in Vegas will likely have better odds.
Don Dawson, a resident of the Las Vegas complex, thinks the Live Poker game will offer the best odds. “In theory, games in casinos have a predetermined probability mechanism for fair gameplay. In theory, the house edge is between 0.6% and 6% – meaning that every time you bet 100, you lose between 0.6 and 6. However, all games favor the house. It is the only way the casino takes “polite” money from players.

Many people believe that the billionaire casino Adelson succeeded in “two months to make 1 billion dollars” is due to his focus on the art of marketing, willing to gamble with fate, and especially always attitude. seriously be careful. The fastidious boss (sometimes angry at a specific employee) of Las Vegas casinos usually rarely gambles. No one knows that Mr. Adelson will create methods to deal with gambling addiction (Gambling Anonymous – GA). But that never seems to happen because the tycoon is often hailed as a “gambler who makes money from casinos” and not “gamblers.”