Because this is a guide to playing BlackJack Card online, there will be some differences compared to when playing at an actual external casino. It is important that you know the rules of the game, depending on the variations that you can understand and play. This is similar to how you know how to run a motorbike, even if you can give a scooter, a scooter, a car of Honda or Yamaha can run. If you play BlackJack online it will be conducted as following instructions.

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In 1 table there will be 1 single house and a maximum of 7 children (your hand). Blackjack is played with 8 sets of 52 cards mixed together, meaning that when playing a pair you can be dealt with 2 identical cards. The value of the cards is specified as follows:
If the sum of the cards with the card A> 11 is then A will count 1 point.
If the sum of the cards with A = <11 then A will count is 11 points.
Two pieces of A count are 2 points.
How to conduct a game of cards BlackJack is conducted as follows:
Step 1: My hand will bet the amount I want to bet.
Step 2: the dealer starts dealing cards
Round 1: the dealer deals a face-up card to the Player’s hand, starting from the first-hand sitting on the left-hand side of the dealer, counter-clockwise, and giving the last dealer.
Round 2: then the dealer will deal one more face-up card to the Player and 1 card face up to the dealer.
Step 3: After having the first 2 cards
Depending on the card situation, your hand will have the following options:

Ghi nhớ 3 điều sau để giảm thiểu rủi ro tối đa khi chơi Blackjack

If the player’s first two cards are dealt, then he will win.
Insurance Bets:
If the dealer has a face-up card of a house, then the house has the right to place a Insurance Bet, this bet is intended to reduce the loss for your hand when the house actually has a Blackjack, your hand can bet. even if My Hand has slices. Of course insurance or not is the right of Hand, if you pick the house there will be Sic Bo, you should bet. The amount of insurance bet will be equal to half of the original Hand bet placed initially and be separated (not just how much you want to bet). Normally the Dealer will not check what the face-up card is but will check it at the end when your hand completes the draw, however, if the Dealer chooses to Insurance, the Dealer will check the card. at that moment.
If the dealer does not have a Poker, then the game will continue and your Hand loses the Insurance bet.
If the dealer has a deal, the dealer will win the game. Your hand loses the Main Bet and wins on the Insurance Bet. Since the insurance bet pays 1 to 2, and the insurance bet is equal to half of the main bet, this game you will draw
Bet Double, Draw Or Ballast:
Your hand has the right to place a double bet on the original bet to increase the winnings when your hand sees a high chance of winning (for example, the first 2 cards have a hand of 5 & 6 is 11 points and you have a chance Meeting draw 10 more cards to be able to become 21 points). When you make a double bet, you can only draw 1 more card.
Your hand has the right to draw more cards or ballast (not draw more cards) so that you can have your hand as close to 21 points as possible. Of course, if there are 2 K’s at 20 points then you will ballast and no one will draw more cards.
Split Cards:
If the first 2 cards of the same hand are dealt, the right hand can split the hand into 2 different hands, at this point each hand will have a stake equal to ½ of the original bet before the hand is dealt. And each split hand is divided by 1 card to have 2 cards on each side. Your hand can draw more or ballast to get the highest score possible. The expert player will split the cards when there are pairs of 6, 7, or 8 because if not, the probability of compensation (Quat) is very high. In the case of a Hand removing the hand when the first two cards are of A, then the Hand of the Hand is then dealt only 1 second card and does not have the right to draw more cards.

Step 4: Once your Hand has completed your selections, it is your turn to draw the deal.

If a hand’s total is greater than 21 (Compensate or Quat) then it will lose immediately, regardless of whether the dealer draws or not.

When all your hands have finished their draw, the Dealer will now turn his / her face-up card. The dealer is forced to draw an extra card if the total of the two original cards is less than or equal to 16 and forced to stop (draw) when the hand is greater than or equal to 17.
Your hand will win when your hand is bigger than the house or when the house is shouted. If the point is equal, then you will get a refund.