Casino or hotel will be gold mines?

With resort complexes in many countries, casinos and hotels seem to be inseparable for many reasons both in business and in customer demand.Similar to the symbiotic relationship between golf course and hotel, casino plays the same role as golf course but requires smaller capital and land area, thus becoming a “easier” option for many businesses […]

Top 5 casino games that won

Casino games are constantly updated to cater for players from time to time. Each game line brings our own fun and entertainment. Not only that, many players also earn a lot of money as well as find the passion of life through the games in Casino. However, there are many people who do not know […]

Blackjack cards at the house

Playing Blackjack online is the most played gambling in casinos worldwide, in Vietnam, this game is called Poker or blackjack. So if you want to play online Blackjack win money from reputable dealers such as M88, fun88 bet, … nowadays, we have to understand how to play?How to play blackjackOnline blackjack is simply a comparison […]