Math genius became a famous investment billionaire that made both Wall Street and America’s best casinos “respect”

Edward Oakley Thorp (born August 14, 1932) is an American mathematics professor, and is also a well-known author specializing in math, economics, investment and hedge fund manager. Besides, he is also one of the geniuses of mathematics who devotes his time to researching and finding out how to beat the bookmakers in blackjack by applying […]

10 classic tricks at casinos (Part 1)

According to research firm Spectrum Gaming Group, in 2011, the casino industry brought US $ 62.8 billion. However, casino owners always face increasingly sophisticated player scams.The casinos all have cameras at their desks to detect suspicious behavior in time, but many gamblers still find ways to cheat. Analyst George Joseph at Worldwide Casino Consulting estimates […]

Because of the social distance, the American city of Las Vegas was severely damaged by Covid-19

About a third of the local economy comes from the hospitality and entertainment industries, making Las Vegas a city affected more than any other US metropolitan area. Las Vegas is something of the opposite of the social divideEven on the floor, there are signs to remind players to keep the required distance. Adam Wiesberg, El […]

Las Vegas is free of sin

Being a playful capital, Las Vegas always seems to be crowded with customers squeezing in to check-in with the neon sign “Welcome to the great Las Vegas”, or find a place to eat on the Las Vegas Strip (The Strip). The crime city is famous for its 24/7 entertainment, from gambling, betting, roulette … in […]

The reason why casino still achieves high revenue even though customers win a lot of money

The casinos always take measures to prevent fraud, implicitly affect players’ psychology, to set the odds to maximize profits.If you have a chance to enter the casino, keep an eye on your surroundings, you will probably discover how the dealer controls and influences every player’s experience: from the rules of each game, the music played […]