Playing Blackjack online is the most played gambling in casinos worldwide, in Vietnam, this game is called Poker or blackjack. So if you want to play online Blackjack win money from reputable dealers such as M88, fun88 bet, … nowadays, we have to understand how to play?
How to play blackjack
Online blackjack is simply a comparison between prestigious players and bookmakers, the more you try to get the total points from the cards in your hand, the better, but not exceeding 21 points, If you exceed 21 players will lose immediately and the house will win.
The prestigious dealer will hand out the cards to the players and herself, each player can only take 2 cards.
When divided, the first card in the 2 cards will be turned. If any player on the first 2 cards has an Ace and any of the 10, J, Q, and K cards, he/she has a blackjack, which means winning that hand.

Valid points are from 17 to 21, beyond 21 points is lost.
If a player gets more than 21 points, they will lose immediately, the money will go to the dealer even after the house has a hand greater than 21 points.
Blackjack player commands:
Hit: Get another card, if you like
Stand: if you do not want to withdraw more
Double: Double the amount you bet on the next bet, you will win or lose 2 times the amount you bet.
Split (Split): If divided by 2 numbers with the same number (Example: 9.9) or words (Example: A, A in Vietnam fold and win), the player can split the set to get more cards for each child
Deal: Surrender and accept half the bet amount.
Online card games have a simple method and rules and have a special attraction for players, this is the first impression that online card games leave for players. Players need to have the experience, calculate, because playing online is not difficult to play, but if you want to play Blackjack online beat the house, it certainly requires some time to research, certain experience and more. lucky.

We often see a large number of people involved in online gambling, but very few winners. Casino m88 will give you a way to play to win the biggest money as follows:
In the process of playing Blackjack, if you have just started to play get the 2 cards with the same score best of cards A, 10, J, Q, K, then the players can split the cards. Playing cards is an interesting rule in Blackjack, it makes the game more attractive. However, it is not possible to catch a couple of cards that have the same points, players should split, but need to consider after the cup, how much is their chance of winning, and it is easy to fall into the situation of taking more cards ” Bust ” or not to be able to make an accurate decision