Previously, a number of online newspapers and forums published information that Ben Affleck was banned by Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas because of playing too good. This actor is still allowed to play other games at this casino. However, some sources revealed that Ben Affleck was banned at the casino for using card counting techniques, in a cheating manner.

Many speculations, semi-doubts about this news and things gradually subsided. However, in the latest interview, Details magazine asked Ben about this incident and he confirmed that he was caught counting cards while playing blackjack and won a lot. Because of that, he was escorted outside by security guards, forbidden to play this game anymore.
That is a true story. I took the time to learn, learn and become a good blackjack player. When I became good, the casino asked me not to play blackjack anymore, ”said Ben.
It is not illegal to use card counting techniques while playing blackjack, but it is generally not acceptable at casinos.

Ben Affleck also said that normally for someone who is addicted to gambling and grinding their head into it, the casino will not ask that person to leave. Even if they spot a player using tricks, they won’t chase away, but some will say, “Hey, you can’t play blackjack here, we see you count cards. But, you’re welcome here, eating, watching a show or whatever you want. We know you don’t play dice but give it a try because we welcome you and want you to stay with us.

When asked what the experience was of being escorted from the casino, Ben said it wasn’t impressive at all. “I wish I could be scared, worried or at least shouting, angry. But they just said:” Do not play blackjack here anymore “- Ben said.
This actor added that he did not explain. He also say anything about how the online newspapers and tabloids discussed much about this matter. Because he found it not worth it. He also doesn’t think it’s too bad to be described as a good card player.
When Ben was addicted to gambling, his wife Jennifer Garner was very upset. His family was in big trouble. But luckily for Ben, he went to rehab and gradually got out, his family was happy again.