Casinos usually have no windows or clocks, and when you step into the casino, you will always be closely watched.

Sal Piacente, an expert in the field of red and black, used to be a dealer, a longtime bodyguard in casinos, revealed the things that casino owners always hide. According to Fox News, Sal is now the operator of UniverSal Game Protection Development, which specializes in providing casino-related services.
Some casino games have cheats
According to Sal, some casino games are actually set up to cheat. “A lot of games are designed so that players can’t win. That’s why you need to recognize them and stay away from them.”

Phần lớn những người chơi trong các casino sẽ ra về với phần thua hơn là thắng. Ảnh: Foxnews.

Topping the list of games, according to Sal, are 3-card poker, Let it Ride, Caribbean Stud poker, and Blackjack Flip Open. These games attract players because it gives you the feeling of getting big money, with a “eat” eight, nine or more, even 1 “eat” 250. However, players often lose more than it does in those matches.
Some “friendly” games
Derk Boss, a casino security supervisor in Nevada, USA, said: “There are games that give you more chances to win. It’s a game that requires players to have a strategy and you can learn from that. “These games do not guarantee you win, but they give you more opportunities and reduce the house advantage.”
The reason why casinos often do not have windows or clocks
“Simply because they do not want customers to distract about time,” Sal said. Without a window, the clock will make the casino keep guests staying longer because they won’t know how long they’ve stayed or when it’s time to leave.
Free food and drink
Many visitors to the casino are often very satisfied with free food and drink. “They give you a $ 20 buffé, while you give the dealer $ 200 for a loss,” Sal said.

Và sự thật là không có bữa ăn nào miễn phí, nhất là trong sòng bài. Ảnh: Foxnews.

Casino staff also steal
Usually, the dealer, if he plays tricks with the player, they will be arrested at the table and solved. Some other casinos are more delicate, they will call the staff up before they report the cheating.
According to Fox News, the staff at casinos do not receive high salaries, sometimes just slightly above the minimum wage. As a result, most of their salaries depend on the types of customers.