According to research firm Spectrum Gaming Group, in 2011, the casino industry brought US $ 62.8 billion. However, casino owners always face increasingly sophisticated player scams.
The casinos all have cameras at their desks to detect suspicious behavior in time, but many gamblers still find ways to cheat. Analyst George Joseph at Worldwide Casino Consulting estimates that each year the casino industry loses about $ 10 million due to fraud.
These tricks are rich and varied, from the use of traditional hand-swapping tricks to those with the help of high-tech equipment.
Here are 10 of the most popular casino cheats:

Shuffle cheating cards

This trick requires the cooperation of a shuffler. During the dealing process, this agent will secretly keep a number of cards in a fixed position, helping the colluding players know in advance what the cards will be dealt.
This ploy is widely used by a gambling fraud line called “Tran Organization”. The organization bribed the dealers and managers at the casinos, and lured them to shuffle their cards to cheat on the signal of him and his accomplices. According to FBI files, the Tran Organization tricked 27 casinos in seven different states in the US and in Canada for more than $ 7 million. This incident shocked the casinos across the United States. More than 40 people of this line, were apprehended, who suffered the heaviest sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine of $ 250,000, compensating the victims of the scam.

Place the cards on the roulette wheel

This is one of the old tricks at the casinos, but still rioting. This trick is relatively simple. The cheater quickly places his card (Chips – an object shaped similar to a coin but thicker used to place bets) into the winning number box after the ball is in it. Usually two players collude to commit this cheat. The first person distracts the scrambler while the second person places the cards in the winning box. If the second person is caught, his card will be removed from the wheel but the first player’s card will remain.

Use secret camera in scratch card game

Scratch cards are a style of playing with a deck of cards with two or more people, with no limit to the number of people, but each person must have three cards. The goal of this game is to get a set with a total score closest to 9. The player cheats in this game by placing a small camera in the sleeve. The camera records information about which cards will be drawn and passes to an outside accomplice. This guy is responsible for informing the player that information through a headset. This trick is commonly used in scratch cards but can also be used in blackjack.