How to play Blackjack always wins extremely well from professional punters

Blackjack is a card game comparing points between the player and the house. Blackjack is also called a 21-point game, in which players try to draw cards so that their total points are as close to or equal to 21 as possible but cannot exceed that number. In simplest terms, blackjack is the blackjack or blackjack game in Vietnam and China with some basic adjustments.
Blackjack uses a 52-card Western deck to play, first, the Dealer will give each player two cards. The player then has the right to withdraw further to improve the score. The maximum number of cards drawn is unlimited as long as the score does not exceed 21. In short, the way to play Blackjack is: the player needs to beat the Dealer with a higher score but does not exceed 21.

Cách chơi blackjack casino

The way to play blackjack online is similar to that of regular blackjack, you only need to understand some of the rules of this game to be playable.
A blackjack table has a maximum of 7 players (house) and a dealer is a dealer. Blackjack is a card game played against the house rather than played as in Poker.
A special feature of playing online blackjack is that you can play multiple hands at the same time. That is, you can do 1-2 children at home.

The attraction of the Blackjack game lies in the tactics and psychological challenges of the player. About the rules of this game extremely simple and clear just need to know the points are okay. But to win the house you have to adopt a really clever way of playing blackjack.

When encountering two 8 cards, you must split. When playing blackjack, the number 8 card is always rated by the player as the worst card. When encountering two 8 cards, the player gets 16 points. If separated, the player will have a chance to win a winning card and that means they will save money for themselves.

Blackjack là gì? Tổng hợp những cách chơi blackjack hiệu quả

If you own 2 cards 5 then the total score is 10, this time you should draw 1 more card and double your bet.
You should also know to stop in time to not score more than 21. Please stop at any card when the player has cards with a total score of 17 or higher. If the player has a total of 12 to 16, and the dealer has 2 to 6, it should also be stopped, but if the dealer has 7 or higher, draw.
Lastly, for the Blackjack game, the way to play blackjack online will bring more convenience and more benefits for the players because you will not lose the cost of travel and accommodation when you come to the casino. There is also no commission required for the house. The bonus can be doubled or tripled through free chips. So nothing is more interesting than sitting right at home and still be able to attend the blackjack game in the most realistic and vivid way.

Blackjack cards at the house

Playing Blackjack online is the most played gambling in casinos worldwide, in Vietnam, this game is called Poker or blackjack. So if you want to play online Blackjack win money from reputable dealers such as M88, fun88 bet, … nowadays, we have to understand how to play?
How to play blackjack
Online blackjack is simply a comparison between prestigious players and bookmakers, the more you try to get the total points from the cards in your hand, the better, but not exceeding 21 points, If you exceed 21 players will lose immediately and the house will win.
The prestigious dealer will hand out the cards to the players and herself, each player can only take 2 cards.
When divided, the first card in the 2 cards will be turned. If any player on the first 2 cards has an Ace and any of the 10, J, Q, and K cards, he/she has a blackjack, which means winning that hand.

Valid points are from 17 to 21, beyond 21 points is lost.
If a player gets more than 21 points, they will lose immediately, the money will go to the dealer even after the house has a hand greater than 21 points.
Blackjack player commands:
Hit: Get another card, if you like
Stand: if you do not want to withdraw more
Double: Double the amount you bet on the next bet, you will win or lose 2 times the amount you bet.
Split (Split): If divided by 2 numbers with the same number (Example: 9.9) or words (Example: A, A in Vietnam fold and win), the player can split the set to get more cards for each child
Deal: Surrender and accept half the bet amount.
Online card games have a simple method and rules and have a special attraction for players, this is the first impression that online card games leave for players. Players need to have the experience, calculate, because playing online is not difficult to play, but if you want to play Blackjack online beat the house, it certainly requires some time to research, certain experience and more. lucky.

We often see a large number of people involved in online gambling, but very few winners. Casino m88 will give you a way to play to win the biggest money as follows:
In the process of playing Blackjack, if you have just started to play get the 2 cards with the same score best of cards A, 10, J, Q, K, then the players can split the cards. Playing cards is an interesting rule in Blackjack, it makes the game more attractive. However, it is not possible to catch a couple of cards that have the same points, players should split, but need to consider after the cup, how much is their chance of winning, and it is easy to fall into the situation of taking more cards ” Bust ” or not to be able to make an accurate decision

Tips to help you win extremely easy in Black Jack

Card withdrawal tips
From the share of professional hands and realize that, in the Western game we have to rely heavily on each of our cards, in the Black Jack we have to see how the dealer’s face card is to show sound decision. Some of the necessary tactics rely on counting the cards in blackjack so much, to win for sure we should apply the correct solution in each case.
It is recommended to pause when the total score you have is 12 – 16 and the dealer’s face card is 2 – 6.
You should draw more when your total points are 12 – 16 and the dealer’s face card is 7 – A.
Should split A and D when playing Black Jack.
Should bet twice when the total score you have is 11 and the dealer face-up card is 2 – 10 points. This is the experience of many professionals who have taught to play blackjack.
Should draw or double bet with A – 6.

Mẹo nhỏ giúp bạn chiến thắng cực dễ trong bài Black Jack

Just knowing the rules of this draw, surely your basic way of playing blackjack will be greatly improved.
Some note

Mẹo nhỏ giúp bạn chiến thắng cực dễ trong bài Black Jack

When deciding to draw an additional Black Jack, you should keep in mind that when there are 2 cards with a total of 20 points, it is best not to do anything. Usually the house is rarely able to win your hand in the case, even if you draw a card.
As mentioned above, in your BlackJack game, you encounter two 8 cards, it is best to split them. Based on the judgment of blackjack, many people claim that the 8th card is often the worst card in the game. With a total of 16 points, if you split the player will have a higher chance of winning, creating conditions to be able to win more.
If there are two 5-point cards, don’t be afraid to double your bets and start drawing one more card. However, it should be remembered that in the Black Jack, do not exceed 21 points, know what is the right time to stop. Advice for you is that if the post is at 17 points or higher, suspend all activities.

Black Jack’s deck strategy

In 1997, the Station Casino on Western Mississippi began offering a BlackJack two-card game, with the same rules as the current BlackJack six-card game, a 17-point soft dealer required to draw, regardless Player’s cards can be doubled in the second round, with a maximum of four cards dealt (starting March 3, Ace cards can deal four cards at most), after dealing cards Can bet double.

Hướng dẫn cách chơi blackjack chi tiết[/b]

Most Black Jack tables have a limited bet of $ 25 to $ 500, but among them, there will be small tables with the smallest bet of $ 10, for players who apply the basic BlackJack strategy. The casino advantage will be 0.35%, each of the new cards will be channeled with a thickness of half the deck (75% penetration rate), and the cards delivered will open. Many players today have very little access to the BlackJack game, so players need to do a preparation exercise before proceeding with that unforgettable game, the basic strategy of Black Jack two. The deck will be similar to the basic strategy in Black Jack six decks, so players do not need to rearrange a new strategy and follow the old strategy to proceed with the game. At times when the value of the card falls to -1 or lower, the player needs to leave the table, but if it is a two-card game, the player must play a full card, so for those The value-counting strategy is all about negative numbers, and players need to be more adept and deeper to avoid losing.

Luật chơi Blackjack - Cách chơi Blackjack toàn tập

BlackJack is a deck of cards, players can only bet quickly for 10 and 11 points, the house will be forced to draw cards when it has a soft score of 17, players after dealing cards will be able to deal cards once again (except for Ace) and the player may choose to buy insurance when the dealer owns the card opened as Ace. BlackJack has two decks of cards, the dealer is forced to stop playing with a soft score of 17, the player may bet twice with the whole score after dealing cannot deal again and cannot Making a double bet, the player may choose to surrender when they feel the chance of winning is not high and can choose to buy insurance with the Ace card of the house. BlackJack has six decks of cards, the player can bet quickly on any two cards, the dealer is forced to stop the card whether it is soft 17 points or hard 17 points, the player after dealing the cards can play another card (including Ace), after dealing cards can make double bets and players can choose to buy insurance.

Detailed BlackJack Game Rules

Because this is a guide to playing BlackJack Card online, there will be some differences compared to when playing at an actual external casino. It is important that you know the rules of the game, depending on the variations that you can understand and play. This is similar to how you know how to run a motorbike, even if you can give a scooter, a scooter, a car of Honda or Yamaha can run. If you play BlackJack online it will be conducted as following instructions.

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In 1 table there will be 1 single house and a maximum of 7 children (your hand). Blackjack is played with 8 sets of 52 cards mixed together, meaning that when playing a pair you can be dealt with 2 identical cards. The value of the cards is specified as follows:
If the sum of the cards with the card A> 11 is then A will count 1 point.
If the sum of the cards with A = <11 then A will count is 11 points.
Two pieces of A count are 2 points.
How to conduct a game of cards BlackJack is conducted as follows:
Step 1: My hand will bet the amount I want to bet.
Step 2: the dealer starts dealing cards
Round 1: the dealer deals a face-up card to the Player’s hand, starting from the first-hand sitting on the left-hand side of the dealer, counter-clockwise, and giving the last dealer.
Round 2: then the dealer will deal one more face-up card to the Player and 1 card face up to the dealer.
Step 3: After having the first 2 cards
Depending on the card situation, your hand will have the following options:

Ghi nhớ 3 điều sau để giảm thiểu rủi ro tối đa khi chơi Blackjack

If the player’s first two cards are dealt, then he will win.
Insurance Bets:
If the dealer has a face-up card of a house, then the house has the right to place a Insurance Bet, this bet is intended to reduce the loss for your hand when the house actually has a Blackjack, your hand can bet. even if My Hand has slices. Of course insurance or not is the right of Hand, if you pick the house there will be Sic Bo, you should bet. The amount of insurance bet will be equal to half of the original Hand bet placed initially and be separated (not just how much you want to bet). Normally the Dealer will not check what the face-up card is but will check it at the end when your hand completes the draw, however, if the Dealer chooses to Insurance, the Dealer will check the card. at that moment.
If the dealer does not have a Poker, then the game will continue and your Hand loses the Insurance bet.
If the dealer has a deal, the dealer will win the game. Your hand loses the Main Bet and wins on the Insurance Bet. Since the insurance bet pays 1 to 2, and the insurance bet is equal to half of the main bet, this game you will draw
Bet Double, Draw Or Ballast:
Your hand has the right to place a double bet on the original bet to increase the winnings when your hand sees a high chance of winning (for example, the first 2 cards have a hand of 5 & 6 is 11 points and you have a chance Meeting draw 10 more cards to be able to become 21 points). When you make a double bet, you can only draw 1 more card.
Your hand has the right to draw more cards or ballast (not draw more cards) so that you can have your hand as close to 21 points as possible. Of course, if there are 2 K’s at 20 points then you will ballast and no one will draw more cards.
Split Cards:
If the first 2 cards of the same hand are dealt, the right hand can split the hand into 2 different hands, at this point each hand will have a stake equal to ½ of the original bet before the hand is dealt. And each split hand is divided by 1 card to have 2 cards on each side. Your hand can draw more or ballast to get the highest score possible. The expert player will split the cards when there are pairs of 6, 7, or 8 because if not, the probability of compensation (Quat) is very high. In the case of a Hand removing the hand when the first two cards are of A, then the Hand of the Hand is then dealt only 1 second card and does not have the right to draw more cards.

Step 4: Once your Hand has completed your selections, it is your turn to draw the deal.

If a hand’s total is greater than 21 (Compensate or Quat) then it will lose immediately, regardless of whether the dealer draws or not.

When all your hands have finished their draw, the Dealer will now turn his / her face-up card. The dealer is forced to draw an extra card if the total of the two original cards is less than or equal to 16 and forced to stop (draw) when the hand is greater than or equal to 17.
Your hand will win when your hand is bigger than the house or when the house is shouted. If the point is equal, then you will get a refund.

Guide advanced tips when playing Blackjack

When playing Blackjack, just the basic rules are not enough, as long as you can grasp the advanced tips below, the chances of winning will be many.
Know the rules of Blackjack
The first trick you need to know is to master the rules of Blackjack. The rules are the most basic, if you can’t master the rules, no matter how good you are, the chances of winning are very low.
Using risk reduction play tactics
In addition to mastering the rules, you also need to grasp a few Blackjack tactics without too much risk, such as:
Bet as soon as you feel your cards have no chance of winning.
Stop drawing if the total value of the first 2 cards is greater than 17 points.
Do not select Double bet if your first two cards have a total of 20 points.
You should only choose Double bet when you have 2 cards with a total score of 11.
Do not split when drawing 5 – 6 – 7 – 8 – 9 pairs.
Only deal when you draw two A cards.

Many Blackjack experts recommend applying these low-risk tips wisely
Blackjack is a game with a 50% chance and 50% logical reasoning. Not all players easily join this game and win big money. However, if you choose to join the prestigious house, the win rate, the amount you win will be much higher.

In the 18th century, France suddenly declared Blackjack to be a popular game, not breaking the law. Next time, countries like the United States also in turn declared Blackjack legalized.
It can be said that the development of the Blackjack game is unpredictable. For several hundred years, the word Blackjack was banned and became extremely popular. Even Blackjack also replaced many popular games at the time of many countries.

Currently, Blackjack is also integrated by most casinos and casinos around the world as an indispensable game. Blackjack also ranked No. 1 in the ranking of the most popular games. Quite a few people have confused the classic Blackjack with the British Blackjack, however, in fact these two types of Blackjack games are completely different.

5 things you should know before playing Blackjack online

For many of us, the first option of casino games would be blackjack. A classic game, and easy to play but hard to master. Should you think about playing blackjack online, or should you wait for your trip to Vegas? Before making a decision, here are 5 things you should know when playing blackjack online.
You can play with real dealers

The Future of Online Blackjack And What We Can Expect

One of the most important developments in the online casino industry over the past few years is the launch of live dealer platforms. You can see how it works with exciting live blackjack experiences on the site. Dealers will be present in the studios, and the action is streamed directly to the smartphone, tablet, or computer. However, the true genius of games is console technology, which facilitates instant bets and results. It is like you are in a real casino. The game is audited to ensure fairness
You might think that it’s easy for online mining companies to cheat and make more profit than a real casino. However, it is important to understand that online casinos are heavily regulated and certain tests are required to obtain a license. In short, it means that games are constantly being tested for fairness and this is supported by payment reports and other data bits.
The variety of online games is much larger
Let’s say, you decide to go to Hard Rock Casino in Vegas, the place where Ben Affleck was supposed to play a few games there, and you’ll be greeted by rows of tables that have the same blackjack and high table limits. The online environment is completely different: You can play for just a few cents per card to hundreds of dollars; indeed, for game selection, there are dozens of different blackjack games, some with big jackpots, side bets, and other spins.
Applying one strategy

All You Wanted To Understand About Blackjack Online – Best Online ...

Blackjack strategies like card counting are not difficult to implement, just a little practice. Indeed, despite the myth that card counting is illegal, it is really just that casinos don’t like it when you master it. Regardless, you should apply the same blackjack strategy to online games as you would in the most luxurious casinos in the world, and that also applies to virtual games. Moreover, and it doesn’t seem overly preaching, you should note that time and money can easily disappear when you’re playing online; So know your limits and leave at the right time.
Above are some things you need to know before deciding to play blackjack online. You can find out more about other frequently asked questions on our other articles.

10 classic tricks at the casino

Using trick is a way many players make money from the house. Thanks to technology, these tricks are becoming more and more sophisticated and difficult to detect.

Research firm Spectrum Gaming Group, in 2011, the casino industry brought the US to 62.8 billion dollars. However, casino owners are always faced with increasingly sophisticated scams of the players.
Casinos all have cameras at the table to catch suspicious behavior in time, but many gamblers still find a way to cheat. Expert George Joseph at Worldwide Casino Consulting estimates that each year the casino industry loses about $ 10 million due to fraud.
These tricks are very diverse and varied, from the use of traditional hand-trick tricks to the methods with the support of high-tech equipment.

Swapping cards cheat


This trick needs the cooperation of a scrambler. During the dealing process, this staff will secretly keep a number of cards in a fixed position, helping colluding players know in advance which cards will be dealt with.
This tactic is popularly used by a gambling fraud line called “Tran Organization”. The organization bribed dealers and regulators at casinos, enticing them to cheat at frauds when signaled by him and his accomplices. According to FBI records, the Tran Organization has tricked 27 casinos in 7 different states in the US and in Canada for more than $ 7 million. This incident shocked the casinos throughout the United States. More than 40 people of the line were arrested, the most punishable was 20 years in prison and paid a fine of $ 250,000, compensation for the victims of the hoax.

Place the cards on the roulette wheel


This is one of the old tricks at casinos but is still causing chaos. This trick is relatively simple. The fraudster quickly places his / her (Chips – shaped like a coin but thicker bet) into the winning number box after the ball lands on it. Usually there will be two players colluding to carry out this fraud. The first person distracts the shuffler while the second person places the cards in the winning box. If the second person is captured, his card will be removed from the table, but the first card will remain.

Using the secret camera in the card game


Scratch is a style of playing with a deck of cards with two or more people, without limitation of the number of people, but ensuring each person has three cards. The goal of this game is to get a set with the nearest total score of 9. The player cheats in this game by placing a small camera in his sleeve. The camera records information about which cards will be drawn and forwarded to an accomplice outside. This guy is responsible for informing players that information through a headset. This trick is often used in scratch cards but can also be used for blackjack

Turning cards over sleeves


The trick to exchanging cards through the hand is a well-known fraud in the gambling industry. However, this tactic has moved into a new stage of development by using high-tech equipment. The player uses this device to hide cards in their sleeves and remove them and then swap with the cards on the table. Every year, American casinos lose millions of dollars because of this hoax.

How to win when playing Blackjack?

Successful Blackjack participants continually gain experience while also understanding the most important key, which is to employ effective proven basic tactics.
These people also know where is the time to increase the bet multiple, deciding to say no to a spread bet, on average because the house collectors make the rule “long play will lose” conditional delivery operative.
In addition, the rules on the table are also factors not to be missed. Be a knowledgeable player, strictly abide by the rules of the game, this will also help you get sympathy from the people playing Blackjack, and thereby build a really comfortable playing atmosphere. roof, creating a chance for victory.

How to win Blackjack without having to count
Blackjack is a gambling game that players easily use to increase their chances of winning. However, for the “newbies”, this is not easy. So is there a way to help Blackjack players gain the edge without depending too much on the calculation?

Players need to be careful, not to act if the card’s hand in the house is 2 – 6 points. Meanwhile, if the house’s score is 12 points, the player should stop taking cards. If the house has 7 points or more, then wait after the score reaches 17 then stop taking cards. If the score in the dealer’s hand is 2.3 points, you can wait after getting 12 points to stop taking cards.
Having mastered the opportunity to bet on multiples, this is the best opportunity to win money thoroughly. If the total number of points in the hand is 10 or 11 and is higher than the house value then consider increasing the bet multiple. If the total is 10, but the house has an 11, 12 or A, then the bet should not be increased because the probability of the house getting 21 points and winning is very high. If there are only 11 points in the player’s hand and the house has an A, it is not recommended to increase the bet multiple. Once the time is right, Blackjack players need to bet very decisively, without hesitation, only when the player is guaranteed safe to have a chance to win.

The rules of Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games around the world. If you have the opportunity to visit casinos in the Philippines, Macau, Singapore, Las Vegas … you will find Blackjack tables are always the place that attracts the most players. Even in online casinos, Blackjack always tops the list of indispensable games. So what is Blackjack and how do you play Blackjack? If you want to learn those things, please read this article. I promise that after reading, you will master the rules of Blackjack and can play Blackjack to make money in the casinos.

Blackjack is a card game comparing points between the player and the house. Blackjack is also known as a 21-point game, in which a player tries to draw a card so that their total points are as close or equal to 21 as possible but cannot exceed that number.

Among casino games, Blackjack is considered a beatable card game. Because of this, it has become the most addictive card game in the casino.

Blackjack uses a standard 52-card deck. In the beginning, each player and Dealer are dealt 2 cards. Players have the right to draw additional cards to improve their scores if desired. In short, the way to play Blackjack is: the player needs to beat the Dealer with a higher score but not exceeding 21.

The rules of Blackjack have several variations. In Vietnam and China, there is a similar game to Blackjack, called blackjack or blackjack with some adjustments in the rules of the game. In this article, SieuBet will show you how to play Blackjack which is applied at major online casinos and online casinos such as 888casino, bet365 Casino … As long as you master the rules of the game, then no matter what variant you meet, you also Can understand and play easily.

Playing blackjack game, the first psychological quality is better, the critical time to withstand the pressure. Macau casino blackjack skills are required with a good psychological quality, it may be from within the casino win. Casino blackjack skill is very simple, as long as pay attention to the two aspects of gaming technology on it. A learning suspension system: you don’t just look at your own card, and depend on the dealer’s open card. The average person will think of how to kill time, people are thinking about how to use the time well.