10 most luxurious casinos in the world

The Wynn Macau- $ 1.2 billion

Standing at number 10 is the real estate block with an area of over 9,300 square meters, including 212 casinos, 375 slot machines owned by American tycoon Steve Wynn. In addition, the 5,000-square-meter shopping complex adjacent to countless world-famous brands such as Bulgari, Cartier, Chanel, Christian Dior, Ferrari, Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Hugo Boss … is also a tourist destination. customers have to pay a lot of money.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas – $ 1.6 billion

Also built by Steve Wynn, but Bellagio is now owned by MGM. Its grandeur was shown at the opening ceremony in 1998 when it cost 88 million USD. This is a place frequented by the most serious bettors thanks to the huge bet limit, which can be up to 10,000 USD. Even with super large games, the figure can exceed $ 1 million. However, the culinary experience at this hotel is the best thing when the dishes here have won the prestigious AAA Five Diamond Award award 11 times.

The Venetian, Las Vegas – $ 1.7 billion

The Las Vegas Sands company’s Venetian is one of the largest five-star hotels and resorts in the world. The casino has 4,059 rooms and a casino of 11,300 square meters. In addition, this place is also famous for spa services in the world.

City of Dreams, Macau – $ 2.1 billion

City of Dreams is also known as CoD. This COD owns a monumental casino of nearly 40,000 square meters. The CoD has 550 tables, 1,500 slots across 20 restaurants, including the world’s largest restaurant. The shopping space at CoD is also huge with an area of 16,500 square meters. However, the visitors cannot miss is the water dance show, with more than 80 dancers performing on a round stage..

The Encore, Las Vegas – $ 2.3 billion

Another venue was built by the real estate company Wynn (owned by Steve Wynn). The Encore is located adjacent to The Wynn Macau in Nevada, USA. The two together won the maximum number of votes for the Forbes 5 star award. Accordingly, this casino was built on an area of 4,700m2, opened in December 2008.

The Venetian, Macau – $ 2.4 billion

The Venetian Macau of Las Vegas Sands is the largest single structure hotel in Asia with an area of 975,000 square meters. In which, the casino area is about 52,000 square meters. It has four themed areas: Goldfish, Emperor Palace, Red Dragon, and Phoenix. Owning over 800 card tables and 3,400 slot machines also make The Venetian among the top 5 most expensive casinos in the world.


Paradise Casino Walkerhill is a luxury Las Vegas casino exclusively for international visitors. The casino locates in the Sheraton Grande Walker Hill Hotel. Officially opened in 1969, this is the oldest and largest casino in Korea, including many comfortable, world-class services. If you step into the interior of the casino, you won’t know that this casino is over forty years old.

Located at 177 Walkerhill-ro, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul, South Korea, from Paradise Casino Walkerhill. The guests can enjoy views of the Hangang River nearby. The overall layout of Paradise Casino Walkerhill is a combination of a modern style. But the casino does not lose traditional Asian values. The layout style and lighting system create a comfortable, relaxing, and unique atmosphere for Walkerhill.

Paradise Walkerhill Casino has a variety of table types, including Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, Tai-Sai, and Big Wheel. In total, Paradise Walker Hill Casino has 79 tables, 160 slot machines, and a separate VIP room. The casino is open 24 hours a day throughout the year. Those offering travelers the opportunity to relax and experience the very best in entertainment.

Each year about 400,000 international visitors come to the casinos, of which the majority are Japanese and Chinese tourists. Paradise Walker Hill Casino seems to be more popular overseas than in Korea. There is always staff who are fluent in many languages to best serve the needs of guests. To help guests more satisfied, all food and drinks here are served free of charge upon request.

If you are planning to spend the night after gambling, the Sheraton Grande Walker Hill Hotel is an ideal place. It can help you enjoy a good night’s sleep with many world-class services. The hotel has 252 rooms with modern architecture, spacious, clean, and smooth beds. Therefore, it will surely put you in a deep, relaxing sleep.

How Is Blackjack The Best Split?

Splitting is simply the movement of splitting a card into two separate cards when there are two identical cards in a hand.

This is neither luck nor unlucky, it lies in the player’s decision. Splitting can be of great potential as it can maximize profits at the blackjack table.

The additional stake is equal to the original bet amount. Splitting cards not only makes the game more interesting but also helps reduce the house edge significantly. In fact, the house advantage increases by almost 0.60% if the casinos adopt rules that prohibit splitting. This move can be twice as profitable, but can also put a player in a stance when they have to deal with a pair of cards at the same time. Because the cards are split, they cannot be combined again.
Besides, when choosing to split cards, the player must also accept the changes in the scoring method. For example, in the case of a hand that has just been split with a 10 and A hand, the hand will only count 21 points, not Blackjack. At the same time, after the cards are split, players will only be allowed to draw 1 additional card for each group of cards and not choose the double bet.
In short, this is a pretty brainstorming decision and has an impact on the money the player is able to eat and fall. Therefore, a reasonable strategy to track the dealer and make an informed decision is the most important thing in the art of splitting.

The concept of splitting cards in blackjack is easy to understand and simple. When the player is dealt a pair of cards of equal value, like J-10, 4-4 or AA, they have the option to split and play them as two separate decks.
For example, let’s say you are dealt a pair of 7s and bet 10 dollars. You have the option of playing point 14 or decide to divide the number 7 into a separate deck. If you choose the second option, you need to increase your initial amount to $ 20 to bet.
At many casinos, whether online or traditional, you cannot verbally announce a split decision but must indicate it with a hand signal. The most common is the V-shaped show of hands. The extra chips are never placed on the chips for the original bet. Instead, the player must place them next to the original stack of chips.
For example, in pair 7 above, for example, The dealer then splits the 7 numbers into two sets and draws additional cards for each 7 number. The two cards are then played independently in turn.
The most difficult thing about choosing a split card is that each casino will have different rules that limit the player’s interests. In most online blackjack variations, players are allowed to split up to four separate sets.

The Hong Kong male student programmed the blackjack trigger to play in the Apple competition

Jacob Prohaska is passionate about the game Dungeons & Dragons and dreams of one day digitizing his favorite game. Swift Playgrounds was chosen by him as the place to start his dream. “When I was in my third year of school, I discovered the Swift Playgrounds app. I was happy to tinker and experiment with its various features,” Jacob said as he opened a programming app on his iPad and explained how to use it. basic features.
Players must be very patient and focused in order to overcome the problems posed by Playgrounds. This is not easy for children of Jacob’s age. He says he spends hours a day programming on apps. Even, Swift Playgrounds is also a place where a child programmer calms himself after a few moments of gathering to think of the project’s content to take the Swift Student Challenge contest.

“I love the feeling of satisfaction seeing a project work after a long time of programming. Sometimes I think my code is perfect, but there are errors. I am frustrated. But thanks to that, I realized that there are many strategies to overcome difficult problems, not only in programming but also in real life, ”said Jacob.
To compete in the Swift Student Challenge, he created a game similar to “Blackjack“. There, the player who collects cards with a total score of 20 wins.

Playgrounds is a good environment for kids to get used to the programming world, but it also has its drawbacks. Projects created in this environment cannot function as a standalone application. To bring apps out of the Playgrounds environment, users are forced to use Xcode, a dedicated programming toolkit used on iPhone, Mac, Apple Watch and other Apple devices. Xcode has much more complex features than Playgrounds. If you want to go beyond the boundaries of the Apple ecosystem, programmers have to know more languages like Python or JavaScript.

Jacob said: “After using Playgrounds and planning to switch SAang Xcode, I was puzzled because I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t know where to get the help I needed.” After a while of searching, the male student took an online programming class that he saw on the Internet. According to Jacob, Playgrounds can be a good place to start for kids looking to try their hand at programming. Because when entering big projects, things will become much more stressful and confusing.

Math genius became a famous investment billionaire that made both Wall Street and America’s best casinos “respect”

Edward Oakley Thorp (born August 14, 1932) is an American mathematics professor, and is also a well-known author specializing in math, economics, investment and hedge fund manager. Besides, he is also one of the geniuses of mathematics who devotes his time to researching and finding out how to beat the bookmakers in blackjack by applying statistical probability theory. He pioneered modern applications of probability theory, including exploiting very small correlations to achieve astounding financial benefits.
From an early age, Thorp was famous among friends for his ability to learn quickly and diligently read books. With great efforts on the way to study, it was not difficult for him to get his Ph.D. at the University of California in 1958.
After graduating, he was offered a position as Professor of Mathematics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In his spare time, he often invites friends to the big casinos in Las Vegas to relax and earn more. This is also the starting point for a legendary speculation in the financial market later.

A mathematical genius, he figured out how to beat the bookmakers in blackjack using the theory of statistical probability. After publishing his first book in 1962 on how to count cards and winning the house, he became so popular that several casinos banned him from playing. Many casinos have also had to change the rules of the game so that people using his card count system cannot win and take all their money.
Thorp’s talent continued to shine as he entered the stock market. Still not satisfied with the ultimate success at the casino, Edward Thorp went on to enter the stock market.

It seems that only the pinnacle of the financial market can help him show off his remarkable intelligence. On Wall Street himself, he made hundreds of millions of dollars. Born in 1969, Thorp’s Princeton Newport Partners fund is considered the world’s first quantitative speculative fund (ie using algorithms to automatically trade).
Twenty years have passed without a quarter that his fund has lost money, from an initial $ 1.4 million now to $ 275 million, achieving yields more than double the growth rate of number S&P 500. It can be said that his superior math skills, option pricing and computers gave him a huge advantage over other investors.
Thorp’s work has earned him the title of “godfather” of many of the world’s greatest investors. Warren Buffett, Thorp’s close bridge player, advised the investors of his first hedge fund to switch to Thorp’s fund.

Ben Affleck said that the casino “banned”

Previously, a number of online newspapers and forums published information that Ben Affleck was banned by Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas because of playing too good. This actor is still allowed to play other games at this casino. However, some sources revealed that Ben Affleck was banned at the casino for using card counting techniques, in a cheating manner.

Many speculations, semi-doubts about this news and things gradually subsided. However, in the latest interview, Details magazine asked Ben about this incident and he confirmed that he was caught counting cards while playing blackjack and won a lot. Because of that, he was escorted outside by security guards, forbidden to play this game anymore.
That is a true story. I took the time to learn, learn and become a good blackjack player. When I became good, the casino asked me not to play blackjack anymore, ”said Ben.
It is not illegal to use card counting techniques while playing blackjack, but it is generally not acceptable at casinos.

Ben Affleck also said that normally for someone who is addicted to gambling and grinding their head into it, the casino will not ask that person to leave. Even if they spot a player using tricks, they won’t chase away, but some will say, “Hey, you can’t play blackjack here, we see you count cards. But, you’re welcome here, eating, watching a show or whatever you want. We know you don’t play dice but give it a try because we welcome you and want you to stay with us.

When asked what the experience was of being escorted from the casino, Ben said it wasn’t impressive at all. “I wish I could be scared, worried or at least shouting, angry. But they just said:” Do not play blackjack here anymore “- Ben said.
This actor added that he did not explain. He also say anything about how the online newspapers and tabloids discussed much about this matter. Because he found it not worth it. He also doesn’t think it’s too bad to be described as a good card player.
When Ben was addicted to gambling, his wife Jennifer Garner was very upset. His family was in big trouble. But luckily for Ben, he went to rehab and gradually got out, his family was happy again.

10 classic tricks at casinos (Part 1)

According to research firm Spectrum Gaming Group, in 2011, the casino industry brought US $ 62.8 billion. However, casino owners always face increasingly sophisticated player scams.
The casinos all have cameras at their desks to detect suspicious behavior in time, but many gamblers still find ways to cheat. Analyst George Joseph at Worldwide Casino Consulting estimates that each year the casino industry loses about $ 10 million due to fraud.
These tricks are rich and varied, from the use of traditional hand-swapping tricks to those with the help of high-tech equipment.
Here are 10 of the most popular casino cheats:

Shuffle cheating cards

This trick requires the cooperation of a shuffler. During the dealing process, this agent will secretly keep a number of cards in a fixed position, helping the colluding players know in advance what the cards will be dealt.
This ploy is widely used by a gambling fraud line called “Tran Organization”. The organization bribed the dealers and managers at the casinos, and lured them to shuffle their cards to cheat on the signal of him and his accomplices. According to FBI files, the Tran Organization tricked 27 casinos in seven different states in the US and in Canada for more than $ 7 million. This incident shocked the casinos across the United States. More than 40 people of this line, were apprehended, who suffered the heaviest sentence of 20 years in prison and a fine of $ 250,000, compensating the victims of the scam.

Place the cards on the roulette wheel

This is one of the old tricks at the casinos, but still rioting. This trick is relatively simple. The cheater quickly places his card (Chips – an object shaped similar to a coin but thicker used to place bets) into the winning number box after the ball is in it. Usually two players collude to commit this cheat. The first person distracts the scrambler while the second person places the cards in the winning box. If the second person is caught, his card will be removed from the wheel but the first player’s card will remain.

Use secret camera in scratch card game

Scratch cards are a style of playing with a deck of cards with two or more people, with no limit to the number of people, but each person must have three cards. The goal of this game is to get a set with a total score closest to 9. The player cheats in this game by placing a small camera in the sleeve. The camera records information about which cards will be drawn and passes to an outside accomplice. This guy is responsible for informing the player that information through a headset. This trick is commonly used in scratch cards but can also be used in blackjack.

Because of the social distance, the American city of Las Vegas was severely damaged by Covid-19

About a third of the local economy comes from the hospitality and entertainment industries, making Las Vegas a city affected more than any other US metropolitan area.

Las Vegas is something of the opposite of the social divide
Even on the floor, there are signs to remind players to keep the required distance. Adam Wiesberg, El Cortez’s general manager, said: “The days of 16 people standing around the dice table are gone now.
While many cities and states are struggling with reopening, the risks to Las Vegas are high. About a third of the local economy comes from the hospitality and entertainment industries, making Las Vegas a city affected more than any other US metropolitan area. And when the city reopens after weeks of pandemic closure, it’s going to be a very different place.

For now, many of the major hotels and casinos in the Las Vegas Strip remain closed. The famous buffet in it is also no longer held, the nightclub must comply with the same requirement. Major conferences, popular live shows and sporting events are not clear when they will be held again.
For big companies like MGM Resorts International, Wynn Las Vegas and Las Vegas Sands – which reopen and require employees to wear gloves, gambling accounts for about a third of their revenue. Meanwhile, the remaining 2/3 comes from hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, spas, swimming pools and other entertainment programs.

Is the “shortened version” of the city able to attract visitors who have come to bustling parties, nighttime music events and “all-out” evenings at night clubs?
“Part of the reason these companies can charge $ 25 for a vodka soda is energy and positive emotions in the amusement park,” says Chad Beynon, an analyst at Macquarie Group. If the clubs don’t open and you can’t feel the party atmosphere, will you come? “
Brian Labus, an assistant professor at the School of Public Health at the University of Neveda, said: “Nobody will go to Las Vegas to have fun alone. It’s a place where people go to interact with others.

How to Count Blackjack cards

With blackjack, the card counting trick gives players an edge in the casino. Unlike what people think, card counting is not illegal or requires any transcendence … However, it is often strongly opposed and therefore, in order to do it, you will have to learn how to work. Be extremely careful … Anyone can learn to count, as long as they practice hard.

Get familiar with the game

Learn the basic strategy. First, you cannot count effective cards without understanding the pros and cons of a basic blackjack strategy. Obviously you can still count cards, but it won’t win you anything. Don’t learn to run before you practice walking. If you’re going to count cards at casinos, it’s best to practice there. Other than the table, there are a ton of things happening on casinos that we must consider – such as hiding you from fooling people. When you play blackjack with a clever strategy, you leave the house edge almost zero. Every game on the casino is in favor of the house and so this is a good number for you!

Make blackjack as easy as breathing. With blackjack, be a machine, make your best choice in seconds. No need to open a book, flip a notebook, or even a second to think, practice to be able to play even with blindfolded, hand-tied. Knowing the game like the back of your hand is the only way you can make money. Card counting only gives one percent advantage. If you put 2 million dong, it would be 20,000 dong. The only way that this 1% will bring billions in the bank is to turn it into a true art.

Familiarize yourself with the concept of card counting. The general strategy here is the Hi-Lo (High-Low) strategy. The big hand is assigned a specific value (-1) and the low hand too (+1). When cumulative, we obtain the incremental count value. That is all. The more you simplify things, the less your brain will be overloaded and so take this simplicity as a good thing. Understand why card counting works. That’s because big hand (ten) increases the chance of winning blackjack and taking 3: 2. They also increase the likelihood of the distributor being “quacked”. Low hand, on the other hand, is not good for the player (wants to blackjack and beat the dealer) but is good for the dealer (prevents them from being penalized with a score of 16 or less).

Las Vegas is free of sin

Being a playful capital, Las Vegas always seems to be crowded with customers squeezing in to check-in with the neon sign “Welcome to the great Las Vegas”, or find a place to eat on the Las Vegas Strip (The Strip). The crime city is famous for its 24/7 entertainment, from gambling, betting, roulette … in casinos, partying overnight in striptease clubs, discos, and bars. bar …
Money is easy – and easy – in the blink of an eye. Today, in the shadow of Covid-19, Las Vegas is in bad luck. Although there are few places left untouched by the pandemic, nowhere is the pace of the decline as fast as the money-making city of Nevada. Casinos, hotels, discos … those that once raised $ 60 billion from tourists are now empty or closed.
The Strip, the entertainment mecca, attracting 49.5 million visitors from all over the world, is now forgotten. Even the replica of the Statue of Liberty here also wears a mask, no figure of tourists taking a selfie next to the flashing neon signs.

Inside the Venetian resort, gondola rowers sit bored by the man-made canal without guests. Door-to-door posters featuring shows from Cirque du Soleil circus troupe, A-list superstar Robbie Williams, Lady Gaga and Diana Ross – all were canceled.
Even the most popular striptease halls are no longer open to welcome guests. Nightclub 18+ Little Darlings is closed, with the sign: “Sorry, we got dressed” – pun for “closed” announcement.
The Nevada Resort Association warned that resorts and hotels in Las Vegas could lose up to $ 39 billion by the end of the year – almost a record compared to conventional profits. The Las Vegas Business Bureau estimates that 40% of restaurants are likely to be permanently closed.
Ben Jacobs, a 23-year-old tourist from Los Angeles, came to Las Vegas with a friend for a vacation, but they only stayed for one night. Because, the city is too quiet compared to the usual scene.
“Like in the zombie apocalypse. Vegas is where you go to buy laughter and fun, but now it’s so quiet, everyone wears a mask,” Jacobs lamented. “There is no contact between people.”

Even in the casinos that have welcomed visitors back, the atmosphere is completely strange with the fenced areas, only a few counters are active. One blackjack dealer explained: “The idea is to gather customers in small areas to create a more crowded feeling. Everyone has been affected by the pandemic, but Vegas is shattered. This is the city. made for entertainment. “
“I’m lucky to have a job. Dozens of my friends have been fired, most of them switching to supermarket shelves or doing whatever they can to survive. Worst of all. is not knowing when things will return, “the man said.
In fact, some places may never reopen. The Palms just spent $ 690 million last year on refurbishment, famous for its new luxury apartment “Empathy Suite” that costs $ 100,000 a night. This casino hotel is still closed.
Frank Fertitta, CEO of Red Rock Resorts that owns The Palms, admits: “We don’t know when – or if we can reopen”.
Inside every casino, all dealers wear masks and hoods, and guests must also wear masks. The cleaning staff is on duty to spray and disinfect the entire machine right after guests leave.
Waitresses dressed in super-short skirts – once symbols of Vegas are no longer allowed to serve guests at the gambling table. They may not be the main characters in the casino, but the casino seems lifeless in their absence.